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Spacesaving Coil Lines
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Spacesaving Coil Lines

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With today's focus on cost-control, efficient utilization of plant floor space is critical. To meet this need, COE offers a number of Space Saving Compact Coil Line options. Whether it requires an Overhead Feeder or a Deep Looping Pit, we can design a compact system to meet your particular situation.

For medium to heavy gauge applications (.040" - .375" ), COE's Compact-Cradle-Straightener-Feeder (CSF) designs are a good option. Where traditional CSFs unwind the coil from the bottom, COE's unique design unwinds from the top for improved straightening-feeding performance. Additionally, for improved feeding accuracy and tool life, our design provides true pilot release functionality where both the feeding rolls and straightening rolls are released with each stroke of the press. These systems can process coil widths up to 60" wide, coil O.D.'s up to 63" , and coil weights up to 30,000 lbs.
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